Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Family Stories (Part 5) Terry and Dard

Mom's ninth and tenth siblings were Terry and Dard. Mom was close to both. We often stayed at Dard's on our family trips to South Dakota. My wife, father and I also stayed at Dard's after Mom's passing.

In her story about Terry, Mom writes about him taking her and her sisters places, including to concerts in Sioux Falls. We were also fortunate that Terry, whose son works for a local funeral home in South Dakota, could also take Mom on her final trip home.

The photo is of fitting her niece Brenda's dress. Brenda is one of Dard's daughters. Mom mentions this dress in writing about Dard.

(Sis and Vern | Loren and Bernice | Bud and Elmer | Hun and Nick | Greg, Karon and Mickey)

Terry comes next. He was always good to us. Some of the brothers only talked to big people, but Terry talked to us all. Sometimes, when there was a good country concert in nearby big city Sioux Falls, he would take us with him. Us usually meant Karon, myself and Mickey. Of course, Terry's girlfriend was along. Another perk was, because I was with him as "the little handicapped girl," we got in first and were able to get right up in front. I was about 12 years old and was short, but Terry could still carry me.

One time Terry took us to the fair. I got real tired walking there. He carried me part of the time. We all road on a Ferris wheel. I left my heart and stomach on top. ...

Terry married his girlfriend and they have now celebrated their 50th anniversary. Eight of my family have celebrated this golden anniversary.

Next came "Vera," who we call Dard. The story goes that mom wanted to name her Darla. So legally she is Vera, but to us, she is Dard. She had this naturally curly hair. She wore it short. She was always on the tractor in the fields. We knew she would be married to a farmer.

Senior year in high school she was set to marry the youngest brother of Sis and Hun's husbands. This one was Bernard. They were to farm the home farm, as he was the youngest boy. Eventually, they moved into the big house. That is good as their family was growing.

She now has ten kids, six boys, four girls and lots of grandchildren.

She is very generous with all. She raises and cans lots of things and is generous with it. I often go home with lots of chickens frozen, canned tomatoes, etc. She used to can lots of beef and old chickens. That was good stuff.

I love to sit and talk with her and her husband. Her oldest daughter was in my wedding. I was privileged to make her wedding dress. That was fun. I am her Godmother, so we do have a good friendship. She can sew and I gave her many tips. She and her husband live on a farm in the middle of South Dakota. We see each other some and, of course, we write. She is into quilting small things. I don't know if she has done a big quilt. It is fun to talk to someone and realize that they know what you are talking about.

Connie, July 2011

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