Thursday, March 8, 2012

We Never Thought About That

This is one of those stories of Mom's that I'd never heard before reading it. It's a story of kids getting a little too carried away with their toys and not thinking of the consequences, a story I'm sure many people have.

Mom wrote it down last year longhand. She made a couple changes and corrections, especially to the first part. I think I got them. The photo is of mom and her sister Mickey, around the time when this story would have taken place.

Summer was still busy. The men were in the field cutting grain. With a binder they put the grain into bundles., which lay on the ground until a couple of people came along to put them up into shocks, about 6 to bundle for a shock. Two people could set one shock together quickly, or my big brothers could do one quickly. Then they set in the field a day or so to dry.

We had the thrashing machine for the grain to go into to separate the kernels of grain from the shaft, grain in the wagon and shaft stay in the row. It has to be dry before going into the machine. Several neighbors would get together and share the work. When we were done thrashing, the machine and men would move to the next place. The women needed to go too, as they needed to make lunch. Rarely we got to go, unless they had younger kids.

One summer, a little girl named Marilyn came along to our house. Her parents were here working. She was between Mickey and me in age and very adventurous. The three of us went outside with our dolls. They had clothes on as we were taking them to the doctor's office.

Marilyn said, "Mine was in an accident" as she poked her doll with a screw driver to show her sores.

Mickey ran into the house to get some tape. Of course, we has to fix the sore. She poked several of the dolls and we taped them up. We had fun. Soon, it was time for them to leave.

We picked up all our toys and went in the house. Mom took one look at the dolls with tape on and soon realized what happened. Mom says, "Well, I hope you are happy with it because we weren't getting any new ones." Course, we never thought about that. Mom and the women had made two big dishpans full of sandwiches.

It was fun having Marilyn here anyway, even if we got in trouble.

Connie, 2011

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