Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Began Working at Mercy

This is an undated writing and its not entirely clear what the context is. Mom starts by listing her education. But a portion of this gives a nice overview from Mom as to her time at her longtime job at the local hospital.

The photo is of Mom greeting a long line of those attending her retirement party in 2009.

I began working at Mercy in December 1971 as secretary in the nursing department. I was the only secretary at the time. I did everything from answering the phone for all in the office (before voice mail) I typed on IBM typewriters, before computers.

In 1975, I transferred to the staffing office. I remained there until 1998. While in staffing again I did a variety of jobs. I planned schedules for all the nursing department. As the job changed, I changed with it.

I did time cards for the nursing office. The cards themselves changed several times along the way. I also distributed the payroll checks for all nursing employees.

While in staffing we went on computer. I was the first person to organize and use Mistro, the system for staffing. I was the one who taught everyone else.

Five years ago, the messenger service combined with the unit runners into one department called Patient Escort. I was instrumental from the beginning. Many times during peak periods I dispatched their calls and did my own work.

In November of '98, it was decided that I take over dispatching completely in the Patient Escort office. ...

I have been full time since I came in 1971.

I do a lot of activities outside the hospital. I volunteer for our church to teach 2nd grade religion on Tues + Wed. I'm organizing a quilt club to make quilts for the Domestic Violence Center.

I also have a sewing business out of my home. It has grown so huge, I have a tough time keeping up. ... I also teach sewing through Kirkwood.


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