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Vocabulary Excercise (Part 1)

 These are parts of a vocabulary assignment from Mom's spring 1994 writing class. It appears to be essentially finding vocabulary words in daily life and finding their definitions. A few are kind of interesting, including the first, Bovine, where apparently I was the inspiration for the entry.

The photo is of Mom on a 2006 visit to New York. It's from a boat trip on Lake George.

21. Bovine
This word came up in a casual conversation at dinner one night. My son must have read something in the cartoons. He said, "What does bovine mean?" I sat a minute and couldn't come up with a meaning out of my head. "Why do you want to know?" I said. In the commercial, it said someone was showing bovine tendencies. I guessed it had something to do with a cow, but I don't really know why. So we looked it up. Bovine - relating to a cow, characteristics of oxen or cows. The girl was heavy-set and acting like a bovine.

22. Liberalism
This word is talked about a lot now in politics. I'm never sure which side it is on. To me, being liberal is someone who is easy and has very slack rules. The dictionary says that to be liberal where the government is concerned is to be very open to change.

He was elected because of his liberalistic attitude for the country.

23. Altruist
This word is bandied about when you are talking about good points of someone. Like Mother Teresa, perhaps, always thinking about the other person, never about herself. This person is rare. The dictionary says it is actions that may not benefit oneself, but ultimately benefits the species. Mother Teresa is an altruist.

24. Pendant
This word showed up on TV in conjunction with a party. This person was trying to show off by knowing it all and correcting everyone else's comments was called a pendant. The dicionary says this individual is one who parades his learning and is picky about someone else's learning. John is a pendant as he is so critical of Mary and her education.

16. Extrapolate
I came across this word at work when someone was talking about data from the computer. He said that he was going to extrapolate data. I assumed that it meant that we take out the data from the computer.
The dictionary has several meetings. Values of variable in an unobserved interval from values. To project and extend or expand known data or experience.

17. Trepidation - came across this word in a film. This gentleman in a wheelchair was talking about being interviewed and that the interviewer had some trepidation in interviewing a man in a wheelchair. I took it to mean that he was nervous and anxious.
The dictionary says that it means tremors uncertain agitation apprehension

18. Vulnerable - Despite our mechanism of power, we are human and vulnerable. I get this word to mean that we are weak and can be hurt easily. We are wide open to any kind of criticism.
The dictionary says, Capable of being physically wounded - open to attack or damage. I don't feel this has to be physical. It can also be emotional or mental.

19. Paradox
Thomas Merton was a Paradox: A hermit who loved people, a gifted scholar in search of a wisdom beyond knowledge. He struggled for freedom, but refused to compromise his vow of obedience. To me, this means that he was two-sided or two-dimensional.

The dictionary says that is contradictory. Such as always taking the opposite opinion of the one speaking.

20. Proselytize
"I'd have a hard time believing in him, too. It would certainly be a first if a Jehovah's Witness did not proselytize family members." This was taken from an editorial in the December issue of the Liguorian. I take it to mean that the elders take some sort of advantage of the younger member, especially the women.

The dictionary says it is the process of trying to convert someone to your faith or religion or party, etc.

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