Saturday, March 31, 2012

Someday, As I'm Sitting In My Studio

One of the stories written by Mom for her first 1990s writing class. This one looks forward, with Mom seeing herself years in the future as a successful writer on sewing.

The photo is of Mom at her sewing machine in 1979.

Someday, as I'm sitting in my studio completing my latest assignment for my editor, I will look back and consider what I have accomplished to this point in my life. There were many years when I wondered if my struggles would be rewarded.

The years of working a very stressful job at the hospital, plus creating an image of the expert in construction and altering clothing (were worthwhile, as was) the time spent in the classroom to drill into me the dos and don't of writing. Old habits die hard.

Now I've started a new career altogether. I'm well known around the country as an expert in my field. I have written a simple manual for beginning sewers, any age, that is used in many classrooms. I hold class in my studio for anyone who wants to attend. I am contracted for wedding ensembles, making the bride's dress and the attendants' dresses.

I have been asked to conduct seminars on tailoring. I am now working on a manual for tailoring made easy. Regularly, I have a column appearing in the newspaper on sewing and alterations. Each week time is set aside for answering my mail.

I now employ two assistants to help with much of the routine. One of them helps me with some of the paperwork, the other assists me with the sewing.

The Public Television Network has asked me to set up a series of programs on sewing and the money to be saved. I've worked on my outline, but I've not settled on anything for sure.

I enjoy my life now. I really feel like people look up to me. That is important in a strange sort of way. I need to contribute, and with the sort of clothing these days, if I can help people look good at a smaller investment, then I have done what I set out to do. Yes, the struggles were worthwhile.

Connie, Nov. 14, 1991

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